Thoroughbred Racing History

Why it is important to preserve thoroughbred racing history and keep it alive?

For almost 200 years, horseracing has gone hand in hand with our sporting culture and the “Aussie” way of life. The industry is a large employer of people, a source of entertainment and, in times like World War II, a timely distraction from the ravages and stresses that were everyday occurrences. Racing, as an industry, is founded and flourishes on its rich traditions and has spawned its champions like Tulloch, Bernborough, Phar Lap and, of late, Black Caviar, just to mention a few. With the general public’s ongoing interest in racing history, and history in general, the goal for the Thoroughbred Racing Association is to allow access to the many aspects of thoroughbred racing so they are not lost for future generations. The Thoroughbred Racing History Association’s Mission Statement is: “Thoroughbred Racing History Association is an incorporated body assigned to assemble and preserve Queensland’s thoroughbred racing history for posterity. Its objective is to source available historic items and to display such items in a manner that reflects their value to society and adds awareness, information and entertainment to the general public. A further goal through this awareness is to stimulate interest in the sport of thoroughbred horseracing for the ultimate benefit of the industry as a whole.”

Qld History of racing

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